Extract Last n Text Lines

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Extract Last n Text Lines

Extract last and text lines: Emulate Linux tail command online


The “Extract Last N Text Lines” tool is an efficient online solution that replicates the functionality of the Linux tail command. By pasting your text in the given form and specifying the number of lines (N), this tool retrieves the last N lines of your text instantly. This feature proves particularly useful when dealing with large files, logs or long documents, allowing you to access relevant information without having to manually scan the entire content.

key features:

1. Linux tail emulation: The tool mirrors the behavior of the Linux tail command, thereby simplifying the process of extracting last N lines from text.

2. Swift Extraction: The tool performs fast line retrieval, giving results within seconds even with large inputs.

3. Custom Line Count: You have control over the number of lines you want to remove, providing the flexibility to finalize different parts of your text.

4. Versatile Use: Whether you’re working with logs, program output, or any text file, the tool accommodates a variety of formats.

5. Streamlined Interface: User-friendly design ensures straightforward usage without any complications.

How to use Extract Last N Text Lines Tool:

1. Input text: Paste the text you want to analyze into the specified field.

2. Define line count: Specify the number of lines (n) you want to remove from the end of the text.

3. Extract Lines: Click the “Get Last Lines” button to get the specified number of lines from the end of the text.

4. Review the results: Check the extracted rows for the desired content.

5. Copy and Use: Copy the extracted lines for further analysis, debugging, or documentation purposes.


The Extract Last N Text Lines tool efficiently replicates the functionality of the Linux tail command, empowering you to rapidly and easily extract the last N lines from your text. Whether you’re analyzing logs, reviewing program output, or handling extensive documents, this tool streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on the most relevant information. Save valuable time and effort by using the Extract Last N Text Lines tool to easily recover the desired lines from your text, increase your productivity and optimize your workflow. Experience the ease of extracting the last N lines without the need for complex commands or manual scanning, and enhance your text processing with this efficient online tool.

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