Antilog calculator

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Antilog calculator

The antilogarithm (antilog) of a number is the inverse operation of finding the logarithm of that number. If the logarithm of a number is “x” to a given base “b”, then the antilogarithm of “x” to the base “b” is “b^x”.

The formula to calculate the antilogarithm of a given number “x” to the base “b” is:

Antilogarithm (x) = b^x

Here, “b” is the base of the logarithm and “x” is the exponent or logarithmic value of the number.

To find the antilogarithm of a given number, simply substitute the value of “x” in the above formula and solve for the result. The resulting value is the antilogarithm of the given number to the base “b”.

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