Add Suffix to All Lines

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Add Suffix to All Lines

Add suffix to all lines: Plain text line suffix


The “Add suffix to all lines” tool provides a quick and convenient way to add a suffix to each line of your text. By simply pasting your text into the provided form and clicking the “Suffix Lines” button, the tool efficiently adds the specified suffix to each line, streamlining the process of modifying and enhancing your text content.

key features:

1. Line Suffix Addition: The tool adds a specified suffix to the end of each line in your text, thereby enhancing your content with minimal effort.

2. User-friendly Interface: Accessible to all levels of users, the tool provides a straightforward solution for adding suffixes to rows.

3. Versatile Application: Whether you are working with code snippets, data lists, or any other text content, the tool allows you to add consecutive suffixes with ease.

4. Customizable Suffixes: Define the suffixes you want to be added to the end of each line, tailoring the tool’s functionality to your specific needs.

5. Visual Clarity: The tool presents the modified text with added suffixes visually, allowing you to quickly review and verify changes.

6. Copy or Download: Easily copy the modified text or download it as a file for further use.

How to use the Add suffix to all lines tool:

1. Input text: Paste your text in the provided form containing the lines you want to add the suffix.

2. Specify suffix: Enter the desired suffix that you want to append to the end of each line.

3. Add Suffixes: Click on the “Suffix Rows” button to start the process of adding Suffixes.

4. Review the results: Check the modified text with suffixes added in the output field.

5. Copy or Download: Copy the modified text or download it as a file for your convenience.


The Add Suffixes to All Lines tool streamlines the process of adding consistent suffixes to each line of your text. Whether you are enhancing code snippets, labeling data, or modifying text, this tool provides a user-friendly and efficient solution. With the ability to customize suffixes, easily review changes, and copy or download modified text, you can enhance your workflow and improve the presentation of your content. Simplify the task of adding suffixes to lines without manual effort, and enjoy a more streamlined and productive text editing experience.

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