Area Calculator

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Area Calculator

There are different types of area calculators for different shapes and figures, such as:

  • Square area calculator
  • Rectangle area calculator
  • Circle area calculator
  • Triangle area calculator
  • Trapezoid area calculator
  • Parallelogram area calculator

The formulae for calculating the area of these shapes are:

  • Area of a square = side x side
  • Area of a rectangle = length x width
  • Area of a circle = pi x (radius)^2
  • Area of a triangle = (base x height)/2
  • Area of a trapezoid = [(base1 + base2)/2] x height
  • Area of a parallelogram = base x height

Note: In the above formulae, pi is the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Its approximate value is 3.14159.

what is Area

Area is the measure of the amount of space enclosed by a two-dimensional object such as a square, rectangle, circle, or triangle. It is typically measured in square units, such as square meters or square feet. The formula for calculating the area of a two-dimensional object depends on the shape of the object. For example:

  • The area of a rectangle is calculated as length x width.
  • The area of a square is calculated as side x side.
  • The area of a triangle is calculated as 1/2 x base x height.
  • The area of a circle is calculated as pi x radius squared.

Area formula

The formula for finding the area of a two-dimensional shape depends on the shape. Here are some common formulas:

  1. Square: Area = side^2
  2. Rectangle: Area = length x width
  3. Triangle: Area = (base x height) / 2
  4. Circle: Area = π x radius^2
  5. Trapezoid: Area = ((base 1 + base 2) / 2) x height
  6. Parallelogram: Area = base x height
    Note that “base” and “height” refer to the two sides of a triangle or trapezoid that form a right angle, and “radius” refers to the distance from the center of a circle to its edge.